Top 5 Missed Hospital Bag Items

Attention Expecting Moms and Dads!

Packing a hospital go-bag can feel like a layer of nerve wracking frosting on a cake made of worries and uncertainty and nobody wants to eat that kind of cake. Take it from us, seasoned mamas who have done this a time or two. There’s always a concern of not bringing enough but don’t fret. We are here to tell you that you will most likely not use 75% of what you bring with you. Here are a few suggestions for items that can EASILY be overlooked but are game changers in the recovery room. First things first- get that aromatherapy diffuser out of there and put these items in.…..yes, very good.

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  • YOUR OWN UNDERWEAR– There’s nothing sillier than wearing disposable underwear after delivering a human baby! Some mothers absolutely swear by their comfort but I say no.  Just no. Bring your own! The comfiest you can find. Also make sure they are a good fit, not too large or small as you’ll be using pads, etc. Don’t worry about what they look like. You will never use them again, ok super mama?
  • NURSING PILLOW– This is the most common item that new moms tell me they wish they brought into the recovery room, hands down. The nursing pillow’s job doesn’t start at home people! You can start using it right away! Take all breastfeeding tips from the nurses and make sure you learn how to breastfeed without it for the first few hours just so you can do your business sans pillow if need be but trust me sister, you are going to be tired and when you are waking up every 30 minutes to breastfeed, the football hold will probably not be your go-to.  Big surprise: cramps happen during breastfeeding as the uterus contracts. So make sure you position the pillow so it’s comfortable around your waist!
  • LONG PHONE CHORD-Yes. We’re serious. The chords that are sold with new phones whether they’re Apple or Android are just too short for a hospital room. Your bed will most likely be in the center of the room and depending on the room size, your phone cord may not reach. This is one of the most common missed items I heard about while polling new moms. Take this advice! It may not seem important to some of you to use your phone and I am absolutely one of those mamas…but once the baby comes and you make the choice to send a photo or two to out-of-town family and close friends, or maybe you just want to play some freaking Tetris but you will want to be able to do it from your bed.
  • CHAPSTICK, LOTION, DEODERANT AND SELF CARE ITEMS– Hospitals are dry, people! They have some strange ability to suck the moisture right out of your skin, and if you’re using any of the hospital soaps and shampoos it’s simply bound to happen. Don’t let dry skin be a distraction during your first days of being with your beautiful child. An important note: Your little miracle’s sense of smell is one of the most important learning tools she has in her first hours. Newborns use both their sense of touch and smell to navigate their way towards the nipple. The smell of the colostrum (the name for the nutritious substance that is produced before your milk comes in) and the temperature of the nipple compared to the surrounding skin help lead the way for your newborn to latch on. This is why using strong smelling lotions or deodorants are distracting and could interfere with breastfeeding. Keep this in mind before choosing any scented products, you beautiful woman warrior!
  • HEADPHONES– I am not a headphone wearer by any means. It actually makes me nervous to wear them because I can’t hear the world around me but in this case, bring your headphones 100%. You will not regret it. If you’re in active labor by the time you’re in the hospital you may skip them but if you’re in a situation where you have time and space to ease your mind, I suggest doing so with some tunes. I made a birth playlist and it was hilarious. It had my husband and I actually laughing during labor. Yes, laughing. First song: “Under Pressure” -Bowie and Queen.  J

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